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  • Address:  De la Iglesia de San Mateo, 500 sur y 500 este, en Quintas del Machuca, San Mateo, Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Phone:  +506 6372 0087
  • Mobile:  +506 8809 5276

About Poza Blanca Lodge

About Us

About Poza Blanca Lodge

This picturesque lodge offers an ideal setting fo rest and relaxation with your family or friends. It is located near the small community of San Mateo in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. San Mateo is a traditional, peaceful town. The area is surrounded by mountains and abundant rivers.

At Poza Blanca Lodge our guests will enjoy great scenic beauty, fresh air and the relaxing murmur of the Machuca River that borders the property as well as the chirping and singing of birds. You will be in direct contact with nature, breathing fresh air, enjoying the summer heat and the cool river breeze. The rooms are new, modern, air-conditioned, and have cable TV and all amenities.

Poza Blanca Lodge participates in a species preservation project so you will be able to admire multicolored macaws (scarlet, red and green), pacas or tepezcuintles and white-tailed deer. This last species has been the symbol of Costa Rica's fauna since 1995. All these species are endangered so they are currently paid particular attention and care in specially selected and authorized sanctuaries like ours.

The property is constantly visited by many different species of birds. It is common to see them in the surrounding trees. In the mornings their singing is a real concert. In the evenings you can hear the peculiar sound that the macaws make at the end of the day. 

The Machuca River offers our guests the possibility of getting a massage with its special clay, which will leave the skin softer and well moisturized. Guests can choose serene spaces to practice yoga. They can also enjoy hiking trails within the limits of the property. 

The main objective is to offer the visitor an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility and peace in the middle of nature.

Guests can complement their stay by visiting the Aguacate mines with a guided tour, Carara National Park, Cerro Chompipe which offers excellent views, ride on the La Ceiba River on a guided tour, enjoy the white-sand beach at Playa Blanca at Punta Leona resort in the Pacific Ocean, just 40 minutes from Poza Blanca Lodge, for which you can arrange a day pass. Top-notch restaurants and shops are available nearby in the Herradura Beach Resort area.


About Us